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Parisians who go on vacation make those who stay happy! Be reassured, Paris offers a lot of summer activities, so that young and old people can ful...

Top 10 of the summer activities in Paris ! 

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Since Monday, July 1st, the metro line 6 of Paris is closed in both directions for renovations on its southwestern part, between the stations Troca...

Metro line 6 closed this summer... What are the alternatives ?

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The Japan Expo is full of many surprises this year: famous guests, many cosplays, unique artistic events, previews of video games, etc. The event a...

Trouver un hôtel pour la Japan Expo de Paris

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What to do in Paris this summer? Wether you are alone, with friends or with his family, make a stop at the Tuileries Festival ! It is a rmust-do in...

Our hotel for the Tuileries Fun Fair in Paris

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What a better destination than the French capital to experience an unforgettable stay with your soulmate? Let's discover together the major assets ...

Which hotel to choose for your honeymoon in Paris?

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Enjoy the summer sales period until Tuesday, August 6th, 2019! Parisians, or those visiting Paris, are particularly lucky in this field. The Gustav...

Summer sales in Paris with the hotel Gustave

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The most beautiful assets of the city of Light are spread in the 4 corners of the capital. To access it without difficulty while saving some money,...

The original ways to visit Paris: the city buses RATP

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You come to visit the French capital? The Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Champs Elysees are finally yours! But, well, only after an easy and safe...

How to come to Paris from Paris airports?

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Among the original ways to visit the City of Light, scenic buses appeal to a wide audience. The hotel Gustave offers a singular and economical alte...

An original ways to visit Paris with the subway line 6 of Paris

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Located on the left bank of Paris, the 4-stars Hotel Gustave embodies elegance and comfort. Located just 20 minutes away from the Parc des Expositi...

How to find a hotel for the agricultural fair in Paris

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