Discover Paris differently with the hotel Gustave

From 23 may 2020 to 30 november -1

Discover Paris differently with the hotel Gustave

Discover Paris differently with the hotel Gustave

The Covid 19 crisis and containment will inevitably have changed the face of Paris. However, this is an opportunity to discover Paris differently, a Paris you will probably never see again!


Discover a new Paris!

There is not just one Paris, but multiple, sometimes secret Paris that only come to light in times of calm, with the arrival of a summer unlike any other: a summer that is both strange and new, like the Paris that we at the Hôtel Gustave wish to share our special emotions about. This Paris remains romantic, strange, beautiful, secret... Let's discover them all.

How can we discover Paris differently?

The hotel Gustave gives you the list of activities to do if you come to visit Paris differently this summer.

Places that open in May:

Museum of Illusion 

This museum presents games based on surprising optical effects: the mirrors are no longer flat, the heads fly from table to table, your clones drive you crazy, infinity is over and gravity has no more meaning!
See you at 98 Rue Saint-Denis, 75 001 Paris ! (Metro line 10 then 4, about 30 minutes from our hotel)

Lafayette Anticipations 

It reopens on May 25th and extends its temporary exhibition Rachel Rose until September! 
Festival of music, dance, exhibitions, plastic art, contemporary creation is here at home! Just like Rachel Rose who asks herself what makes us human and asks us the question through her videos and sculptures.
9 Rue du Plâtre, 75004 Paris (Métro Hôtel de Ville line 1)

The Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne

Strolling in the alleys of the Bois de Vincennes and the Bois de Boulogne on foot, by bike, by boat or on horseback is a unique opportunity to find or rediscover forgotten places: lakes, floral park, Kagyu Dzong Temple where the largest Buddha statue in Europe is enthroned. In Boulogne are the Auteuil greenhouses, the Pré-Catelan and the Acclimatization garden. Only a few minutes away via metro line 10 (Porte d'Auteuil stop).

The tracks on banks

Are you a right banker or a left banker? Then, on foot, by boat or by bike, take a stroll among the most beautiful monuments of Paris. Including the bridges over the Seine: Pont de Sully, Pont de l'Archevêché, Pont Royal... Or Charles de Gaulle. Connecting Men in beauty, a magical destiny.
A good alternative to discover Paris in a different way, by its most beautiful avenue: the Seine.

The lawns of the esplanade des Invalides and the Champ-de-Mars 

From 34 rue Viala, you only have to walk a few hundred meters to reach the Champ-de-Mars and its lawns. There, you can picnic with your family or as a couple in the shade of the arched feet of the Eiffel Tower or on the outskirts of the Invalides. Le Gustave will be happy to concoct your meal for you.
Les Invalides is a little further away, metro stop Ecole Militaire on line 8 (15 minutes).

The re-openings planned for June 

Bourdelle Museum 

If there is no Rodin Museum, go to the Bourdelle Museum where the visit of the permanent collections is free. From the painter's studio to the gardens, criss-cross the space among hundreds of astonishing sculptures.
16, rue Antoine Bourdelle, 75 015 - Metro: Montparnasse - Welcome/Falguière line 6.

The Catacombs of Paris  

Visiting the catacombs is an incredible adventure! An underground labyrinth of millions of bones envelops visitors in an atmosphere of another space-time. That of beyond the grave. 
Metro line 6 and 4 Denfert Rochereau Official Catacombs of Paris - 1 avenue du Colonel Henri-Rol- Tanguy (XIVe) - Attention, access limited to 200 visitors at a time.

Petit Palais 

Free access to the permanent collections of the Petit Palais is already a privilege. The place is breathtakingly beautiful and intimate. The classical works are unique in the world.
Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris - Avenue Winston Churchill, 75 008 , Metro : Champs-Élysées Clemenceau (lines 1 and 13)


The openings planned for July

The Louvre Museum (1st district)

The largest museum in the world by its surface and its notoriety proposes you to find the smile... of the Mona Lisa, the great Sphinx, the raft of the Medusa or the freedom guiding the people. To meditate.

The Centre Pompidou (4ᵉ arrondissement)

Incredible architecture as a showcase for contemporary works of art, the space here is sublimated, outside as well as inside to make you travel differently in the artistic world.  

The Musée d'Orsay (7ᵉ arrondissement)

To say that the Musée d'Orsay is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful architectural sites in Paris is an understatement. Under the glass roof you can discover Van Gogh's self-portraits, Renoir's Moulin de la Galette, and paintings by Monnet and Mannet. In short, the must...

The Museum of Modern Art of Paris (16ᵉ arrondissement)

Attempting to render the emotions of the Eiffel Tower is the artistic adventure attempted and succeeded by Delaunay.  Little extra of the visit: the view of the Trocadero Gardens.

Some re-openings are uncertain, but on the right track:

Turner at the Jacquemart-André Museum

We particularly like this Museum nestled in the heart of Paris, its warm welcome, its gastronomic restaurant and its exhibition catalogue: the Turner exhibition should be extended until January 2021. Opening in June? Let's wait.



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