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What is the Tourism Quality Label ?

Hotel Gustave bears the tourism quality label, which we are very proud of. We wanted to tell you a few words about this label, its meaning, and its guarantees.

The tourism quality label

The Tourism Quality label is not just another label in the hotel world rated by the stars. Obtaining the label, this mark should we say is guaranteed by the state. The ultimate goal is to reassure even more and better the guests of all types of accommodation such as hotels, tourist residences most often classified, holiday villages, campsites. 
To go even further, the candidates for obtaining this mark, which has become prestigious, are also restaurants, cafés, brasseries, as well as seasonal rental agencies, tourist offices, places to visit and outdoor activities. In fact, all partners in the world of tourism interested in a quality label that ensures top-of-the-range services. The latter being the pledge of an unequalled confidence for the customers.

What does a hotel with a tourism quality label commit itself to?

The professionals who display the Tourisme™ quality label undertake to offer first of all an irreproachable welcome in human and technical terms: human by taking into account in a warm and attentive way the customer and his personalised service needs. Technical by giving them answers in their own language on the tourist information they are interested in (places, prices, itineraries), on the quality of comfort they expect from the accommodation and finally on their feedback and that of their family.

What are the guarantees provided by the Qualité Tourisme brand?

In order to obtain the Tourism Quality brand, the Hôtel Gustave has set up a procedure that strictly complies with the quality approach described in the National Commitments to Quality of State Services. Both the Hôtel Gustave and its partners who hold the brand are constantly attentive to the systematic analyses resulting from satisfaction surveys and customer complaints. In addition, their services are regularly confronted with the brand's requirements with unannounced and independent checks.


Le Gustave, a 4-star hotel with a tourism quality label at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris 

If our hotel did not have the splendour of the most famous tower in the world, the Eiffel Tower, it would probably not be called the Gustave. But you probably already knew that! Our 4-star boutique hotel, labeled Qualité Tourisme, has the enormous advantage of being located in a quiet street just a few steps away from the Dupleix station on line 6 of the Parisian subway. 
On foot, from 34 rue Viala, the address of Le Gustave, the Champ de Mars can be reached via rue Desaix; l'île aux Cygnes and the Quai de Grenelle, on the banks of the Seine, are joined by rue de Schutzenberger and then place de Brazzaville.

Tourism Quality Label and four-star hotel, the guarantees of a top quality stay. 

We do everything to achieve perfection: welcome, room layout, calm, voluptuousness, accessibility for all our guests... We try to give you the maximum to make your stay at Le Gustave a waking dream. Paris is at your feet so, with our help, you will be amazed by its romantic beauty, its cultural life, its remarkable architecture, its parks and gardens, each one more beautiful than the next.

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